Limited Edition FAO Schwarz T-Rex Dinosaur Figure

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The prehistoric jungle hums as if it’s alive with nervous energy. Under a dense tree canopy, a new predator’s the FAO Schwarz T-Rex from schleich®!  

This one-of-a-kind T-Rex, available exclusively at FAO Schwarz, was created to celebrate the iconic toy store’s 160th birthday. Featuring eerily authentic reptile textures and a spine-tingling snarl, this special-edition T-Rex from schleich® prowls into FAO Schwarz for a limited time beginning in Fall 2022. Get yours before they’re extinct! 

  • Special Limited Edition. The FAO Schwarz 160th celebration T-Rex from schleich® is a sought-after collectible…but supplies are limited, so get yours before this special character vanishes like a shadow at the edge of night.
  • Famously Realistic & Detailed. So lifelike, other dinosaur toys run for cover when the FAO Schwarz T-Rex prowls into the room…let's get outta here!
  • Built for Survival. Meteors and volcanos spelled doom for dinosaurs, but they're no match for this prehistoric predator: schleich® toys are tough enough for any extinction event.
  • Grow Your Dino Collection. The FAO Schwarz exclusive T-Rex is part of the expanding schleich® DINOSAURS collection, a theme world erupting with prehistoric playsets and realistic dinosaur figures.

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