Calico Critters Snuggly Sloth Family, Set of 4 Collectible Doll Figures

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Clint the Snuggly Sloth father is happy with a slow pace in life. He's great at fixing things. He never rushes—when something is broken, he takes the time to mend it properly so it won't break again. The villagers know that nobody will do a better job than Clint! Candice the Snuggly Sloth mother has a very big heart. Little things never bother Candice. Even when the twins get into mischief or spill their food, she's still as happy as can be. But when something really matters, she knows how to put her foot down! Natasha, the Snuggly Sloth twin sister, loves cuddles. She's always going to her mother and father for a hug. Apples are her favorite food in the world—when she sees one, nothing can keep her away! Nathan, the Snuggly Sloth twin brother, is the nimblest member of the family. Put him on a chair or the sofa, look away for one moment and when you look back he'll be somewhere completely different.

  • Includes mother Candice, father Clint and twins Natasha and Nathan
  • Calico Critters families, twins and triplets include flocked figures that are soft to the touch and perfectly miniature for little hands
  • All come with removable detailed clothing, and are poseable with jointed arms and legs, and heads that rotate
  • Adult figures candice and Clint measure approximately 3 inches tall and twins Natasha and Nathan measure approximately 1.75 inches tall
  • Play independently or together with Calico Critters dollhouses, furniture and accessories 
  • Ages 3+
  • Material: Plastic, Nylon (flocking) & Poly blend(clothing)
  • Surface Washable