Black Ride on Horse Ages 3-5
Black Ride on Horse Ages 3-5
Black Ride on Horse Ages 3-5
Black Ride on Horse Ages 3-5

Black Ride on Horse Ages 3-5

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It’s off to the races with this realistic PonyCycle® Ride On! Kids just move up and down with their feet on the pedals to ride this unique pony.

There’s no need for batteries or power: just rise and fall in the saddle to move the pony’s legs and head forward, creating a galloping motion that propels the PonyCycle® forward. Use the handles on either side of the head to guide the pony in the right direction. The Pony Cycle is a fun new way to improve balance and co-ordination and get kids active. Wooden handles provide the rider with extra stability and security, as well as adding a traditional feel to a revolutionary horse.

The 4 easy-glide wheels make the PonyCycle® Ride On suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on flat ground. You can race ahead of the stationary rocking horses with Pony Cycle.


  • Best for ages 3-5
  • PonyCycle toy simulates riding on a real pony also steers left and right.
  • For indoor and outdoor use, boys and girls to ride whenever they want.
  • No Batteries, No electric.
  • Designed with a hand break, brings the pony to a secure stop.
  • Electronic neighing and galloping sounds when button pressed.
  • Without stop ring, it is upgraded for a smoother ride. Larger contact area makes more stable use.
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